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Academic Research Writing Artistry by Srujan MJ book review readbycritics

Academic Research Writing Artistry is the first book by Srujan MJ, an engineer by profession, running his own company, and an academic researcher working on a subject related to Polymers. Though his first book, this title is very useful for students of research, PhD scholars who are newly enrolled and anyone who wants to learn something about academic research, paper writing, methodologies, tools of research, and many other things. The title is available in paperback and Ebook formats. This is, again, very good for those who are technically adaptive and able to read on screens and those old-fashioned readers who are still comfortable with the feel of a book.

Back to the course of this article, Srujan’s book is so resourceful to anyone interested in academic research. It’s fantastic that he has been able to make the topics accessible and understandable to newcomers, while also providing enough detail and precision to be of use even to those already well-versed in the subject. The author’s effort to make the language clear and concise is truly admirable, and he deserves a great deal of appreciation for keeping his writing simple and jargon-free. This book will be invaluable to anyone looking to get a better understanding of research and its processes.

The book has 15 chapters and nearly 250 pages. The author has divided this book into three parts, unevenly in terms of chapters, containing different aspects of research – introduction, components and formatting. The first part, the introduction, contains possible definitions of research, what are the qualities of good research, types of research, research problem formulation, and many other things students need to know at the primary level. The second part contains guidelines to write a literature review, research findings, results and other parts of academic research. The second part of the book contains many important things that anyone enrolled in a research program must read carefully. Srujan has kept his writing very simple. Anyone who goes through this part will understand things for sure.

The third part of this helpful book has information on illustrations, formatting of research, and parameters of the physical copy of the research. This is also important because many books on research do not offer this information. They are mostly limited to writing and that’s it. I appreciate the author taking a few more steps and providing the readers with these things (important for anyone who is entirely new to research writing).

The book is ready with many examples, illustrations and discussions that students will find very useful. It is easy to learn about research by reading this book by Srujan. Comparing it to other books by Indian and foreign authors, this book might lack in terms of page numbers only. Otherwise, the book is more than competent to apprise PhD students and newly enrolled coursework students about essential aspects of research – methodologies, research tools, ways of adding references, sampling, data collection, data analysis, research formulation, hypothesis and its testing and many other things that perplex newcomers.

Not only newcomers, anyone who is already into research and confused about the way ahead can use this book to break the deadlock and successfully proceed with writing. The book discusses complex issues like hypothesis and research formulation as well as minor but important issues like fonts, headers, script and many others. With a combination of the major-minor scale of information, illustrations and examples, simple discussions, and a practical guide-like approach to research, Academic Research Writing Artistry is a wonderful book, overall!

If you are newly enrolled in a research program, you may go through this book to make your journey smooth and start with confidence. You can get the book from Amazon India in paperback or Kindle format depending on your preferences. All the best!

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Academic Research Writing Artistry by Srujan MJ – Book Review
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Academic Research Writing Artistry by Srujan MJ is one of the few books in the market that simplify the otherwise complex topic research for students!

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