At ReadByCritics, a book blog and literary content website, we follow certain policies that we strictly follow. Our posts, pages, and special campaigns are governed by these policies:

  1. Book reviews are analyses of books based on our critics’ assessments. None of the reviews published on this platform are influenced by inputs from the authors and publishers.
  2. Literary opinions or opinions otherwise are personal opinions of the writers. While we offer complete freedom to our authors and bloggers, we don’t publish anything that might attack the sentiments of our readers.
  3. ReadByCritics Awards are offered as special mention of the books on our Awards Page. These books are the choices of our contributors based on consensus or democratic voting. These awards, like our reviews, are not influenced by authors or publishers in any way.
  4. We welcome comments from our readers. However, comments that are untoward, meaningless, spam and hurtful to any community, will not be allowed. We are not bound to offer any explanations for blocking or removing such comments.
  5. We don’t endorse duplicate content, piracy of unique write-ups or theft of someone’s creativity with words. And therefore, if any website or individual is found misusing our content in any possible way, we will be compelled to lodge a complaint with the hosting provider of such entities resulting in the closure of the website.



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Last update June 6, 2023