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Insignificant Me by Prathima K book review now

Insignificant Me is a collection of short stories by Dr Prathima K. There are 12 short stories in the book and all of them relate to common people’s lives. The stories are about motivation, the significance of elders in life, introverts, love of different kinds, and many other themes that we generally want to read in books. The most significant thing about Insignificant Me comes from the simple writing style of the author Prathima K. She has written about things that we want to read by others but generally ignore while talking or discussing with our friends and family. The author has kept everything simple, with very common and reachable language, and a straightforward style of narrating the stories, and you will relate to most of the things as they are genuine – coming directly from the life experiences of the author herself. As a doctor and as a woman, as a daughter-in-law and wife, as a mother and friend… many hats to wear and you will get something from everything in Dr Prathima’s book.

The stories are humorous, interesting, relatable and captivating. Women, men, and even children will relate to many of these. Many women readers will find the story Never-Ending Saga very much relatable. The author has explored various dimensions of the relationship between Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in this story. Her approach is more like writing a non-fiction article of scientific research without references in this piece. She tries to bring out the real reasons behind unending discords between Saas and Bahu. However, the silver lining in the cloud comes in the form of the author’s personal experience. She thanks her mother in law for being helpful and inspires others to be like her.

The Perfect Life and Love Stories are rather emotional and will be interesting for many readers. The author writes about love stories but not in the contemporary context… she writes about love stories featuring mother, father, son, and other relatives. She challenges the concurrent notions of love stories that strictly connote only one kind of relationship. The Perfect Life is something you should read and then only you will be able to understand the significance of this story.

Overall, the 12 short stories featured in this collection, Insignificant Me, are stories that challenge, inspire, encourage, entertain, humour, accompany and console the readers. Readers will find the method of storytelling very simple, enticing and quickly readable. It does not take more than 3 hours to read the book. Though the author suggests reading one every month, I don’t think any reader is that patient today. And if you are a lazy reader or a reader with other dominant jobs in life to take care of, you will be able to read it within a few days. In any case, you will enjoy reading the book; and that is sure.

Critically, the author has captured the caprice, the moments of inspiration and joy, pondering and recapitulations and so on… You can enjoy all this by getting a copy from Amazon India. Click the link below to buy a copy now:

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Insignificant Me by Dr Prathima K – Book Review
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Insignificant Me by Dr Prathima K is a collection of short stories that capture the moments of life that inspire us, entertain us, enlighten us and apprise us of various circumstances we all go through.

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