Oops! My Heart Did a Somersault! by Dr Avirupa Basu Book Review

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Oops! My Heart did a Somersault by Dr Avirupa Basu book review read by critics blog

Dr Avirupa Basu’s novel Oops! My Heart Did a Somersault offers a reflective and engaging narrative. It explores the complexities of modern relationships through the lives of its protagonists, Mishti and Kabir. Though the set-up and backdrop of the novel loudly match the vibes of the 90s and early 2000s era, it is rather contemporary. Still, once you read it, you cannot deny that the story resonates particularly well with readers familiar with that era, addressing themes of love, relationships, family obligations, and personal aspirations. In this article, I will try to put things into perspective. I hope you enjoy the book review, as always!

Plot Overview:

The narrative revolves around Mishti, a self-made woman with a solid academic background who is emotionally attached to her father and sister. She is initially opposed to marriage but finds herself reconsidering her stance upon meeting Kabir, the son of her father’s friend. Mishti and Kabir embarked on their unusual journey with a pragmatic agreement. They decided to date intermittently, not out of love or attraction, but to appease their parents and avoid the discomfort of arranged matches from matrimonial websites. However, watch out for Mishti’s internal thoughts flow as you read the novel. Many clues are there!

As the plot progresses, their casual meetings evolve into a deeper relationship fraught with moments of conflict, confusion, and eventual love. The narrative intricately weaves through their emotional journeys, subtly portraying how their initial compromise gradually blossoms into a genuine romantic connection.

I will affirm that the plot is clean and straightforward. What makes it a few steps further is how Avirupa has eventually handled this seemingly singular plot of love. She has done her best to stand out among her peers who cannot find much to stretch their love stories.

Character Development:

Mishti emerges as a well-rounded character, balancing her academic pursuits and personal dilemmas. Her internal conflict between familial duties and the possibility of romantic love is portrayed with depth and sensitivity. On the other hand, Kabir is depicted as a near-perfectionist who is conscious of his public image and personal conduct. Their interactions are enriched by secondary characters like Jitin and Mithee, who add further dimensions to the story. Jitin plays a vital role in the development of the storyline. Other than these characters, many appear and disappear according to the demands of the plot.

Themes and Style:

Dr Basu’s writing delves deeply into her characters’ emotional landscapes, offering prolonged descriptions of their thoughts and feelings. This reflective style may appeal to readers who appreciate a detailed and contemplative narrative. The novel’s treatment of love is more cerebral than passionate, focusing on the evolution of relationships rather than instant attraction. There is also a hint at the beginning of the novel when Mishti’s father refers to her failed casual relationships in the past. In other words, the novel may be trying to establish that relationships cannot go long without a strong foundation!

The story also explores the dynamics of arranged relationships versus love marriages, a theme particularly relevant to Indian society. The protagonist’s journey from casual relationships to a committed partnership highlights the changing attitudes towards marriage and love among contemporary youth.


The novel’s introspective style and detailed character development are commendable aspects that contribute to its depth and richness. However, some readers might find the prolonged conversations and internal monologues a bit overextended, potentially affecting the narrative’s pacing. With approximately 250 pages, the book may appear daunting to those accustomed to faster-paced romantic fiction. Nevertheless, for readers who appreciate a steady, conversational, thoughtful approach in a romantic novel, Oops! My Heart Did a Somersault offers a rewarding and immersive experience that delves deep into the complexities of human emotions and relationships.



Dr Avirupa Basu’s Oops! My Heart Did a Somersault is a remarkable addition to the contemporary romantic fiction genre. With its intricate storyline and thoughtful depiction of modern relationships, the novel offers a captivating and meaningful narrative. Readers who enjoy in-depth character analyses and a more contemplative pace will find this book particularly appealing. Despite its length, the novel assures a rich and immersive reading experience, complete with unexpected plot twists that will engross readers in the protagonists’ emotional journey.


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Review by Ashish for ReadByCritics

Oops! My Heart Did a Somersault! by Dr Avirupa Basu Book Review
  • Critical Rating


It is a romantic story that uses very different handling of situations and characters with peculiar predicaments. The author does demand your attention!

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