Intimate Leadership by Jayaram Rajaram – Book Review

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Intimate Leadership by Jayaram Rajaram book review ReadByCritics

What does a true leader do? What are the habits that set apart one leader from others? How can one become a good leader? And also, what is intimate leadership? Why does one need to give importance to emotional intelligence in leadership? There are many things that people generally want to know. However, in the presence of many titles available in the market of the leadership and motivational genre, readers often get confused while choosing books. In this review article, I will discuss a recent book, Intimate Leadership by Jayaram Rajaram. The title is self-explanatory, to begin with. Let’s discuss the key aspects of the book.

In Jayaram Rajaram’s book, “Intimate Leadership,” the author adeptly adheres to foundational principles while introducing a refreshing and innovative perspective. Through the lens of his extensive experience with Bril, a prominent company, Rajaram weaves a narrative that seamlessly combines tales of success with the acknowledgement of failures. The narrative’s strength lies in its ability to maintain a delicate balance between the triumphs and setbacks encountered during the author’s association with the company. What distinguishes “Intimate Leadership” from other publications in this genre is its unfiltered and candid exploration of both success and failure. This nuanced approach contributes to the book’s authenticity and compellingly engages the reader.

Rajaram’s storytelling not only highlights the accomplishments achieved during his years with Bril but also candidly delves into instances where plans went astray, resulting in failures. The transparency with which the author addresses both the highs and lows fosters a sense of authenticity, making the book a standout in the genre of leadership literature. Furthermore, the key strength of “Intimate Leadership” lies in the author’s ability to derive valuable lessons from both successes and failures, presenting them as integral components of the leadership journey. This unique perspective not only sustains the reader’s interest but also provides a pragmatic and insightful guide for those navigating the complex landscape of leadership.

And let me share that the author’s adeptness extends beyond persuasive writing, showcasing a meticulous selection of examples that significantly enhance the book’s appeal and utility. Rajaram seamlessly integrates examples ranging from global brands to Indian startups, fostering a universal relevance that resonates with readers from diverse backgrounds. Apple, Zoho, Zerodha and also examples from Bril, there is a wide range of these! This intentional breadth not only contributes to the book’s interest but also underscores its practical value. The author’s commitment to relevance and acceptability ensures that the examples presented serve as more than mere illustrations, becoming relatable mirrors of real-world leadership complexities. Through this strategic use of examples, Rajaram not only clarifies intricate concepts but also imparts a nuanced understanding of leadership principles, making “Intimate Leadership” an invaluable resource with a universal and timeless impact.

Though there are many things I would love to highlight, I rather rely on young readers to unfold the vast ocean of knowledge that this book offers. It becomes an ideal read for anyone who manages a business or wishes to do so in future. The author has creatively created a blend of his personal experiences as a leader, wisdom acquired after a few decades, knowledge gained from various sources, and much more… and all in this one book!

To conclude, I would like to highlight this book, the second, by the author as a consummate treatise, offering readers a comprehensive guide on navigating the evolving business landscape while maintaining relevance. In this insightful work, the author transcends conventional approaches, providing strategic insights that resonate with the contemporary shift from traditional business paradigms to the rapid integration of diverse digital transactions. Through a judicious amalgamation of strategies, personal opinions, and rich experiential narratives, Rajaram creates a compelling roadmap for both current and future leaders. The book serves as an invaluable resource, addressing key pillars of leadership such as consumer satisfaction, team building, and goal achievement. Rajaram’s nuanced exploration of these aspects not only acknowledges the challenges presented by the dynamic business environment but also illuminates effective ways to overcome them. By drawing on his own experiences and distilling them into actionable advice, the author offers a practical and forward-looking perspective. As businesses increasingly embrace digital transformations, the strategies elucidated in the book become indispensable tools for leaders seeking to adapt and thrive. Through a holistic approach that encompasses diverse facets of leadership, “Intimate Leadership” emerges as an indispensable guide, empowering leaders to navigate change, foster team cohesion, and ultimately achieve their organisational goals in an ever-changing and dynamic business landscape.


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Review by Parmarth for ReadByCritics

Intimate Leadership by Jayaram Rajaram – Book Review
  • Critical Rating


Jayaram Rajaram’s knowledge, expertise and experiences make this book a wholesome read! It is recommended to everyone with high ambitions and a zeal to work dedicatedly!

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