Read Rahim and Laila by Seema Seth to understand the pain of refugees left devastated by war

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Rahim and Laila brings the refugee crisis in a very interesting way

The aftermath of war, violence, conflict or persecution is unimaginable. Thousands of nationals become homeless. They are forced to flee from their motherland and displace to other places. They are tagged as refugees and this tag, unfortunately, becomes their fate. It is hard to take the burden of a refugee’s tag for a lifetime. Furthermore, the pain of losing motherland, relatives, friends, home and job cannot be easily recovered. Seema Seth, a well-known author of youthful content, has come up with her new book, Rahim and Laila, which portrays the life of two refugees who have lost everything in the Syrian civil war.

Seema Seth has written many books that belong to different genres. However, there are two things common in her novels and stories. The first thing is ‘love’ and the other is ‘relationship’. Whether it is Yashoda and Krishna, When Rahul Met Sunshine, Lucky Boy or Until Kohinoor Smiles Again, every time Seema Seth has tried to describe the importance of love and relationship in life through her books. And for this, she has always invented new concepts and themes in her works. Her works offer a strong message to contemporary youth who don’t understand the meaning and worth of love and relationship with close ones. For them, everything is just an opportunity. Rahim and Laila too is based on these two elements.

In the simplest words, Rahim and Laila is a sweet love story of Rahim and Laila, the two kids. Although, this statement doesn’t summerise the book that focuses on the lives of refugees. Because no book can ever sum up the struggle, misery, pain and despair of refugees. However, here Seema Seth has shown the positive side of Refugees. There is much that can be learned from the experience of refugees. Their resilience and courage in the face of adversity. Their devotion to family and friends. Their instinct is to share responsibility for helping those less fortunate within their communities. The author has put forth all these points in her book.

Rahim and Laila is a short book. I won’t call it the shortest as I have read a book that is even shorter than this book. The best part of this book is that it can be finished in a few minutes’ time. This will help both amateur and beginners as well as avid readers. For amateur or beginner readers it is a boon. They won’t need to force themselves for a longer time to finish a book. And in the case of avid readers, can read more and more books in a single day in a very less time. Also, I believe, this type of book needs to be published in a larger number. This will not only allow students and youths to be associated with books but promote reading also. Furthermore, the relationship between youths and adolescents with books will also improve.

The author has coloured this love saga with her distinct knowledge of vocabulary. Her writing is flawless. Her tone is simple. The story flows at a fast pace and ends with an unforgettable ending. The author has included many things in this crisp book that would entertain and educate you both at the same time.

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Written by N Mishra

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