Do you read crime thrillers in your bed? Be careful before this happens…

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Reading crime thriller novels in bed night time books choice

There are countless books, written by many authors, of different genres, languages and suitable for various age groups available in the market and easily accessible through the internet. However, it is purely up to the readers’ choice and interest which types of books they like to read. Some like poetry collections, some are fond of mystery and thrillers, some admire romcoms, some are fascinated by history and biography and some prefer to explore the literature of different countries (translated versions). However, have you ever given this idea a thought that which books to be read in the morning and which to be read at night? And why? I am sure you must not have noted it! Sounds not very important at the first glance but you need to pay attention. Like you all, I too used to believe that I can read any book at any time and nothing matters as such. But not anymore! I have very recently pondered on this idea and realised that the timings of the day alter my reading choices. It is not like the concept of day and night perfumes or morning and evening colours. It is different. It is in regards to the state of mind we are in at that particular time. Ask this question to yourself – will you read captivating crime fiction at the lunch in your office? Should you read a deeply philosophical book in your bed, almost ready to sleep?

My idea behind this particular thought is not to justify that you cannot read your favourite books as per your free and available time and convenience. Rather, I would like to tell you which books we should read in the morning, evening and other hours of the day. It is very simple. It is related to the beginning and end of a day. As the sun rises and we start our journey for the day and as the Sun sets, we conclude our journey. Same way, I feel, we are active and energised in bright hours, and we are much more excited and keen to travel to the world of books of our favourite genres – adventurous, horror, romance, comic, murder mystery, or detective novels or something else. But in dark hours of the night, usually, we get exhausted and drained out. At this time we need some light books which soothe our mind, cheer our mood and make us feel relaxed.

For instance, if we read any intense mystery book at night, after a hectic working day, then it will definitely arrest our attention. And once we are hooked to the story, with every page we turn our curiosity gets spiced up. We just want to reach the point where the mystery unravels and the truth is revealed. This will surely satisfy your reading senses but will take the sleep away from the eyes. The case would be the opposite if you don’t like the book or the book doesn’t get successful to turn up your excitement and curiosity. However, sleep is important! We all know. But, the timing of sleep is equally important. Secondly, the thoughts you sleep with also affect your mind and sleep. Now, do you think it is a good idea to sleep with murders and crimes of other forms in your mind? Or, a good idea should be sleeping with a realisation that life is beautiful and you should live in your present? Think.

So, the hours of the day should ideally play an important role in the selection of books we should read. If you miss someone you would certainly go for a good and light romantic book. It will take you to an imaginative world where you wish to be with someone special. On the other hand, if you are depressed and feeling hopeless, motivational books would be perfect to cheer your mood up and fill you with hope and light. And if you are in the mood to experience some thrills and chills then adventurous, horror or mystery novels would do the needful. It will make you meet people, experience situations and visit places that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. However, in my opinion, at the night, you should read books that not only calm your wandering and mind but also fill your soul with peace. I guess poetry collections or some good non-fiction books would make a great choice.

Moreover, there are books which can be read at any time of the day. In whatever state of mind you are in, it will indeed do justice with your reading quest and the best part is they won’t, in fact, disturb your sleep or routine. For example, Bhagavad Gita, Ramcharitmanas or in that matter books of Osho (to name some) perfectly suit any hour of the day.

Weekends, holidays, leisure nights are exceptions that you can utilise to read whatever you want as it should not impact the day to come.

To conclude, I do think that it is entirely up to the readers to decide what they want to read and when. However, logical ideas do suggest that good reading choice according to the hours of the day might do more than just relieving your reading urges. Add more to your life – intellect, ideas, thoughts, limitless opportunities – by reading appropriate genres according to the hours of a day. You will surely feel better. I do and I tell it from my personal experience. All the best!


by Parakashtha for Read by Critics platform

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