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What is the last book you remember to have read a few years ago? Though the question is not difficult itself, you will surely feel it’s hard to remember the books you have read years ago. The only names that will come to your mind must be of the titles that enthralled you to the depths of your being… to the core of your reading conscious. This is bound to happen because we are designed in this way. We are prone to remembering things that excite us, entertain us to the depths of our being or just shock us. Isn’t it so?

In choosing books, we often tend to become casual. No choices are made on intellect, merits and pros and cons in mind. All that matters is what’s on the trending list and what others are reading. If not all the time, in many cases… this is what happens. On the contrary should be the case, exactly. Though you should get informed and updated by what other readers are doing, there should be research involved before pressing the buy button so that you can, at least, remember the names of the books you have read and the authors as well. Otherwise, questions asked such as what books you liked to meet with answers like – the one that Shikha read and the one that Raju liked… am I wrong? Correct me then!

Masters who said that books are our best companions for life forgot to add that good books buying guide is changing quickly. If you buy good books, just like good companions in your life, these entities will take care of you carefully. However, if you choose books that are not good, just like bad company one might keep, will quickly be forgotten if the selections do not harm you in real life. So, choosing books for your reading hours is an extremely important task that will ensure the outcomes. Every good leader, every good revolutionary, every good businessman or anyone in any industry who is a benchmark… they all have read good books and that’s why their suggestions make it to the columns of the newspapers people like you and me read every morning.

Did you get the meat of the article? Choosing what you read is the first step in your pursuit of getting things out of your reading hours. If you take the first step carefully, chances are, you will make the most of the time you spend reading things. Become a good reader and you can become a good person at things that you like…

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