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The world is full of things we know and things we love. The stands true in inverse order as well. Sometimes, we do love to explore the unknown. However, with age, curiosity naturally decreases as we get indulged in other important issues related to our lives. Children do love exploring and they just love it like anything. In the matter of books as well, children love books that offer them stories of exploration, adventure and courageous acts by protagonists. That’s why we see popular series, movies and comics among children have great human beings as the leading actors and actresses. However, do these works inculcate values along with creating excitement and thrill? Parents have to ask these questions to themselves. Many authors are banking on childhood aspirations. Are they giving back generously?

Sindhu John, a popular author of children’s books, has written two books thus far. Both her books have become bestsellers and children have loved them. She writes about adventure, courage, daring tasks by young protagonists. However, she also adds value to the actions of the protagonists so that young readers not only enjoy reading the books but also learn something from what they read. Her first book, The Hunter’s Trap, has received a wonderful reception from readers. She came with the instalment to the series, The Circus Trap. And this novel also received a wonderful response from the readers… even more, because it came with certain updates that the readers have wished for in the previous novel. The author has included images, sketches, a better narrative and a more compelling storyline in The Circus Trap.

There are several important aspects of the writing of Sindhu John. However, the most important ones are her writing style, the balance that she maintains between content delivery and content, and finally the harmonious method of offering something entertaining with something worth reading and learning as well. These aspects make her writing better compared to other children’s fiction authors who focus on imaginary stories with superhuman protagonists. In Sindhu’s novels, the protagonists are very much human, children and they do whatever any ordinary child can do. This will certainly inspire young readers to do better in life. And that’s the way to do it – induce good habits and better decision-making in children in a way they like and appreciate.

You can know more about Sindhu John and her books by visiting her official website here: Sindhu John.

The author has planned more books in the current series and it’s good news for the readers who have started liking the novels by Sindhu. Children and literature are getting distant day by day because of technology. However, with sincere attempts by the authors like Sindhu, it will be on the better side soon. Children use technology to do many things and they can use the same tech to read good books on Kindle mobile app or tablets.

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